Sunday, September 6, 2009

Red Beans and Rice

Its been a while since I posted here. Life has been hectic just trying to live it lately. With the overtime pretty much over for a while for my husband, we are now living on 100 dollars less a week than we did when we were working for Jerry. When the overtime is there its great we have more money than we have ever had before but when its not things get very tricky.

I have been having to cook on an even smaller food budget than before and that lead me to recipes my grandmother considered old standards that I had never made before. Mainly redbeans and rice.

One of the problems I have always had is that my When I cook my recipes for 8 are usually more like for 16. So there was plenty to go around. I made this recipe on Wensday and I still have leftovers after eating it nearly everyday since then for lunch. The cost is almost non existant.

2 bags dry red beans - 1.39 each at my local walmart
8 servings of long grain white rice (basicly half the box) Box price 3.25 for the largest generic brand box using half of it that makes the price of the rice used around 1.73 or so.
1 ham bone - if you can find the ham for .99 then the bone could count for as much as a half lb to two lbs of the ham itself so between 54 cents and 1.98 mine was about 60 cents worth
2lbs of Smoked sausage - buy whats on sale and you can usually get this for about 3 to 4 dollars I got lucky and got it for a dollar a lb so my cost was -2.00
1 onion - I got a bag of ten medium size yellow onions for 1.99 and used one for around .20

The rest of the ingredients consisted of dry seasoning like salt, black pepper, red pepper (I just used chilli powder) Buy the cheap kind at walmart for .50 a container and your price for all of your spices will probably be around a penny but Ill call it 5 cents to be on the safe side.

Total cost for the entire meal - $7.36 Price per serving - $0.45 Even my grandmother who went through the depression would be impressed by that.

I have included the link to the recipe since it isn't my own. Give it a try, it sure beats soup night.

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